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Billy Bishop Airport and City Pack X-Plane 12 Update




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Billy Bishop City Airport with City Pack Update from XP11 to X-Plane 12!

Billy Bishop Airport and City Pack X-Plane 12 Update

Billy Bishop City Airport is a small regional airport located on Toronto Island in Canada. The second name of the airport is Toronto island airport and previously known as Port George VI Island Airport. South West of Downtown Toronto City, with amazing High Rising towers and the famus CN Tower.

Under CBSA is classified the airport can handle aircraft with up to 90 passengers. The airport is accessible from a pedestrian tunnel or by ferry, operates between Toronto City and Airport every 15 minutes. Support equipment for General aviation as well with maintenance hangar.

Explore Toronto City with helicopter and fly next to colorful CN Tower!


  • Division: Toronto Port Authority (TPA)
  • Main airlines: Porter and Canadian airlines
  • Elevation: 77m
  • Province: Ontario
  • Total Passengers : 1,130,625

There is one terminal and several hangars:

  • The Main Terminal – The passenger terminal for commercial airline services
  • Hangar 4A – Orange
  • Hangars 3 & 5 – Owned by Porter Airlines for aircraft maintenance and general airline services like catering and deicing
  • Hangars 4 & 6 – Porter FBO – home to Porter FBO and their tenants
  • Hangar 1 – Stolport Corporation and Trans Capital FBO operate this hangar at the northeast end of the airport Tenants include:
    • Air Canada Express (operated by Jazz Aviation)
    • Cameron Air Service
    • Eagle Aircraft
    • Greater Toronto Airways (Hangar 6)
    • Island Air Flight School & Charters (Hangar 4)
    • Orange Transport Medicine (Ontario Air Ambulance/MOHLTC)
    • Porter Airlines
    • Trans Capital Air – air charters and FBO operations
➤ UHD custom textures using the latest painting techniques
➤ XPLCity with custom 3D houses around the island
➤ Super-detailed 3D modelling
➤ PBR materials on every building
➤ FSEco-subsystem
➤ Detailed HD ground with PBR and decals
➤ Custom 3D vegetation blends with orthophotos
➤ XPEco-subsystem
➤ 7Km Ultra-high-resolution custom orthoimagery for the airport
➤ Thousands of 3D custom static objects
➤ Accurate Island and City using original OSM data
➤ Amazing and detailed island night textures
➤ Ground traffic
➤ Animated Radar