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    Cincinnati Bundle





    Complete the Cincinnati package with this Bundle at a great price!

    Includes, Cincinnati Airport KCVG and Cincinnati Landmarks

    Cincinnati Bundle

    Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (KCVG) Ultra V3 offers non-stop passenger service to 62 destinations with 179 peak daily departures. The airport is a focus city for Allegiant Air, Delta Air Lines, and Frontier Airlines, as well as being the largest market for Vacation Express. The airport’s international destinations include Cancún, Cozumel, Freeport, Montego Bay, Paris, Punta Cana, Reykjavík, and Toronto.
    In addition, CVG is the fastest-growing cargo airport in North America: The airport is a global hub for both Amazon Air and DHL Aviation, handling numerous domestic and international cargo flights every day.
    Overall, CVG ranks 4th in North America for total cargo operations.

    • Designed with the latest airport updates
    •  UHD Realistic Custom Textures
    •  Detailed HD Ground with PBR and decals
    •  Super Detailed 3D modeling
    •  PBR Materials on every building
    •  Thousands of 3D custom static objects
    •  Amazing and detailed night textures
    •  FSEco-subsystem
    • Full Interior living space
    •  Ground Traffic
    •  Animated Custom Jetways
    •  Animated Radar

    Cincinnati/ Kentucky. A city with 2.239.750 population is the biggest city of Ohio and the 29th biggest city in the USA. The Ohio River is the natural border between Kentucky and Ohio. This is a town with historic architectural buildings. Explore this beautiful city with tall skyscrapers, amazing mirror lake and much more. Best fly experience with our KCVG Airport.

    • Designed with the latest OSM data
    •  UHD Realistic Custom Textures
    •  Detailed PBR and decals
    •  HD 3D modeling
    •  Ultra Resolution of John A. Bridge
    •  Animated Fountain Mirror Lake
    •  Animated Boat
    •  Animated Cars
    •  Amazing custom night textures
    •  FSEco-subsystem
    • Scripps Tower Interior
    • Compatible with our KCVG Airport