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    Heerema Oilrigs Thialf MSFS

    Heerema Oilrigs Thialf MSFS




    Challenge your Heli flight skills only in ours Heerema Oilrigs Thialf  for MSFS !

    Heerema Oilrigs Thialf MSFS find them on the North Sea and the Caribbean Sea with ICAO: HMCP and HMCPNS

    Only for pro Heli pilots!

    Oilrigs helipad in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and North Sea

    North Sea Rig lying about 160 miles east of Newcastle (1 hour and 45 minutes by helicopter) and the Panama Rig lying about 60 miles north west of Enrique Adolfo Jiménez Airport (MPEJ) near Colón in Panama (just 50 minutes by helicopter).

    In 2000, Thialf set a world record by lifting the 11,883 metric ton Shearwater topside located in the North Sea as well as the world’s largest SPAR platform.

    The vessel is often referred to as Heerema’s workhorse for its ability to get the work done, regardless of the job, location, or weather!

    Product Showcase

    Product Description

    Detailed Helipad
    Designed with detailed technical drawings
    UHD Custom Textures using the latest painting Techniques


    • Super Detailed 3D modeling
    • PBR Materials 
    • Hard Surface for heli landings
    • Platform Waves movement 
    • Amazing Night system
    • Crane Animation