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    Queen Tamar Mestia MSFS

    Queen Tamar Mestia MSFS




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    UGMS Mestia Airport MSFS

    Explore the beautiful UGSM of Georgia with our simulation quality.

    Is the TOP 10 most beautiful airports in the world, because of its unique design and atmospheric, scenic environment!

    Queen Tamar Airport (ICAO: UGMS) or Mestia Airport!

    Is a small domestic airport serving Mestia, a town in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, Georgia. Since its reopening in 2010. It is named after the medieval “queen king” regnant Tamar of Georgia, who is a popular symbol in Georgian popular culture.

    Is located at 1,456 m (4,777 ft) above sea level in the valley near Mestia, wedged between the mountains of the Greater Caucasus.

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    Product Description

    Queen Tamar Mestia MSFS
    Explore the beautiful Mestia of Georgia. Fly in the middle of mountains and enjoy the view from above!
    According BBC is one of world’s most beautiful airport!
    Is the top 10 most beautiful airports in the world, because the unique design and atmospheric, scenic environment.
    Architectural diamond with modern style, slick glass contrasts its natural mountain surroundings and environment.
    The airport not provide international flights, but is the most demanding location in winter from Georgia Tbilisi and other places tourists. The airport is equipped with ground services for VFR flights.
    Queen Tamar airport is known for the challenge takeoff and landing, because of mountains, with steep hills, strong winds, without navaid lights!
    Is the best airport to test your flight skills!

    Why is one of the most challenge airport? 

    We add some birds with collision attribute to make your landing and takeoff more difficult.

    Also, The takeoff and landing can test your flight skills because of long and heigh mountain with short runway and populated trees

    CODE: UGMS Elevation: 1456m – 4,777ft

    • Designed with the latest airport updates
    • PBR Materials 
    • UHD Custom Textures using the latest painting Techniques
    • Super Detailed 3D modeling
    • Detailed HD Custom 3D Ground with PBR and decals
    • Custom 3D vegetations
    • Ground with 3D Tarmac
    • Airport Life with Animated 3D people Animated Flags and Birds with collision properties